Organic Search Optimization

Free traffic has a nice ring to it. A little patience and some solid, interesting content is all you need to draw the crowds. Organic search is a terrific compliment to a paid search campaign. We supply engaging content the search engines love. You get to sit back and watch.

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Local Search Optimization

Too many small businesses struggle with staying in the public eye. With a whole marketing industry cropping up around local search, even a one-man operation can make a splash in their market. We specialize in making the little guy famous. Stick with us and you’re going places.

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Paid Search PPC

Are those unique, targeted visitors to your site, or is Aunt Betty on her laptop showing you off to her book club? Paid search is not just a numbers game. You need to know where they’re coming from and if they’re buying from you, or not. We track everything.

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Banner Display

A well-placed banner is like a well-placed billboard. Do it right and it will stick in their mind - they can’t help but click. Arouse their curiosity and they’ll come looking for you. Banner ads are part of our master plan - to bring your customers right to your front door.

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Social Media

We get to the heart of where your customers engage with your brand online. We want to give them truly interesting and compelling content and most importantly engage with them beyond a one time “Like” or Re-tweet. We draw up a Social Media marketing strategy around your brand and your audience.

Branding & Web Design

Our lives would be so much easier if all our clients needed was a beautiful website. But building a brand name for a local business takes a lot more effort. We’ll make you a household name in your community – not an easy job, but someone’s got to do it. We don’t mind the overnighters.

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We are InnoSouls

Marketing Experts First. Digital Experts Second.

Passionate to Perfection and Innovation Soul Mates

If you feel like your marketing and web design budget would be better spent on crayons and posters - we can help. We’ll cheer you on, wave the pom-poms, and provide the full range of marketing and design services. A designer, marketing cheerleading squad – it doesn’t get better than that.  

From the beginning, Innosouls was built differently, on the simple premise that our clients deserve better. So we built a company committed to delivering just that. Innosouls is Toronto based digital marketing agency, that specializes in SEO and Local Search, Paid Search (PPC), Content Marketing, Social Media management and Web-Design. Dozens of clients have grown their sales and visibility after working with Innosouls to create high-impact marketing campaigns using the latest SEM technologies and innovations. Our mission is delivering exceptional results for our clients.A company that believes, that it exists to serve clients, build brands, and grow businesses.

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