When pricing a window replacement in Saskatoon, consider the installation type, window style, and it's performance rating as a basis.

Wood vs. Vinyl Windows in Calgary

Most window companies in Canada today manufacture vinyl windows. But what makes them so special? Unlike organic malleable materials, PVC (vinyl) is much more resistant to moisture, doesn’t change its shape with variations in temperature, and doesn’t conduct heat as much, meaning your home is ultimately more comfortable and efficient.


Low-E Coatings: One Upgrade That Works for All Windows

Calgary and Northern Alberta have some of the coldest winters in Canada. For maximum efficiency, windows designed for these areas must meet the most stringent performance ratings. Picking triple pane windows is usually a good start, but there are other window features that can help you maximize the performance of any window.

When looking for window companies in Edmonton consider product quality, proper installation, and post-installation service.

Exterior Finishes: Why Aluminum Cladding Is A Thing of The Past

If you are considering getting retrofit windows for your replacement, there aren’t too many options available for an effective exterior finish for your windows. In retrofit installations, your new windows get placed directly into your existing wooden frames. These kinds of replacements are only advisable if your frames are healthy and aren’t showing any signs of water damage or rotting.