Frequently Asked Questions in Edmonton

Don’t know where to begin with your window replacement project? Find the answers to the common questions homeowners have before new window installation.

Wood vs. Vinyl Windows for Edmonton

Most window companies in Canada today manufacture vinyl windows. But what makes them the go-to choice? Unlike organic malleable materials, PVC (vinyl) is much more resistant to moisture, doesn’t change its shape with variations in temperature, and doesn’t conduct heat as much, meaning your home is ultimately more comfortable and efficient.

When enlarging the window opening you generally have the option to cut downward or to the side.

Advantages of Low-Emmisivity Coatings for the Alberta Climate

Edmonton and Northern Alberta tend to have some of the coldest temperatures for an urban area in Canada. For maximum efficiency, windows designed for this area must meet the most stringent Energy Star ratings. Picking triple pane windows is usually a good start, but there are other window features and options that can help you maximize the performance of any window.

Casement vs. Slider Windows: What You Should Know

Not all windows are made the same. So which windows are best suited for cold Canadian winters? Without a doubt, one of the best performing and best-liked styles for window replacements in Edmonton are casement windows.