Pricing for Energy Efficient windows includes:

Your window replacement project may require you to expand the window opening. Whether it is to make windows egress compliant, or just to let in more light, wall cut-outs are a common solution.

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We want to answer all the questions you have about replacement windows and provide you with an exact price, without any hidden fees. We find it necessary to see the structure of your home, the style of your windows, and types of interior and exterior finishes in order to come up with an accurate quote.

What is a reasonable price to pay for Canadian windows?

Read on to find out what goes into determining the exact price of your new replacement windows.

The average price range is based on minimum and maximum window sizes. The following table shows pricing per window or door:

Location/TypeAvg. Price Range
 Kitchen $800 – $1600
 Living Room $1800 – $3000
 Bedroom $800 – $1600
 Basement $450 – $800
 Basement Egress $850 – $1,000
 Bay/Bow $2800 – $4500
 Patio Door $1500 – $2000